If you’re a fan of artisan ciders such as ours, just the words ‘fruit cider’ will probably have you hiding behind the nearest apple tree! Typically, fruit ciders are sweet, undemanding numbers with little or no reward for the true cider lover. So I decided to shake things up by producing a genuine artisan fruit cider – and here it is, Ty Gwyn ‘Black and Browns’!

To use a musical metaphor, if my ‘Black and Browns’ blackcurrant cider were a song, it would be a duet that stopped you in your tracks… like Gaga and Cooper, or Mercury and Caballé. And that’s because it’s a blend of classic bitter-sharp Browns cider apples I pressed myself, along with some truly outstanding blackcurrant juice from a superb local grower.

So at long last you can enjoy a fruit cider where the cider doesn’t play second-fiddle to the fruit – and where the fruit, well, actually tastes of fruit not flavouring!

‘Black and Browns’ weighs in at a crowd-pleasing 4.0% ABV and is available in 330ml bottles. Order now while stocks last!

Try it and tell me what you think!

Alex Culpin's signatureAlex Culpin,
Cider & Melody Maker
Ty Gwyn Cider Limited