Ty Gwyn Dabinett Medium Cider has wowed the judges at the Great Taste awards once again! Previous incarnations had landed Great Taste accolades twice before in 2016 and 2018, so we were super proud to build on that success with this year’s 2-star award.

We have to say that we love the Great Taste awards. First, the awards are not some industry-only bash for those in the know but meaningless to the masses. The Great Taste brand has established itself as a trusted signifier of exceptional quality food and drink, and is well known among consumers.

The Great Taste award badges adorning our ciders are therefore a big deal for us and encourage people who have never heard of Ty Gwyn Cider to give our ciders a try. (Of course, when they do, their palate’s take over and insist on more!)

The other thing we love about the awards is that you get feedback from the expert judges. And when – like this year – that feedback shows a recognition and understanding of our efforts and approach to our Dabinett Medium Cider it is especially gratifying.

For example, one judge said, “Crystal clear and pale gold in hue, this cider has a delightful character of freshly pressed apple juice. Gently effervescent on the palate, we were immediately impressed by the balance of clean fruit, well-pitched acidity and present but soft tannins. This cider is a delightful tipple, well-crafted and a real crowd pleaser.”

Another judge commented, “This is a bright, golden cider that looks enticing. It has a good Dabinett nose. On tasting, it fills the mouth very pleasingly and thanks to the use of 100% apple juice, the bitter-sweet balance is perfect. The finish is long and satisfying, and we are thoroughly enjoying it.”

To experience for yourself what makes Ty Gwyn Dabinett Medium Cider such a worthy winner, buy a case online – or drop by our cider shop, where you can also try before you buy.

Alex Culpin's signatureAlex Culpin,
Cider & Melody Maker
Ty Gwyn Cider Limited