Craft-cider aficionados, Crafty Nectar, have named our ‘Black and Browns’ Artisan Blackcurrant Cider as one of the world’s 8 best fruit ciders!

In praising Black and Brown’s, they said:

“The colour is deep ruby red, the aroma rich with ripe squeezed blackcurrant followed by a hint of apple skin and some woody character. Initial taste is of acidity which flows into moussey foamy astringency. The finish is of juicy sweetness led by tannic apples and followed by ripe currants. The blackcurrant taste is not as strong as the smell, which allows those Browns apples to shine through.”

It’s also telling that the reason their list comprised eight not 10 fruit ciders was that they couldn’t find any others that made the grade!

Of course, it was our own disappointment and disillusionment with the fruit-cider category that inspired us to create Black and Brown’s in the first place.

Seems like we’ve done a good job of it!

BTW, normally I sign off by saying “See you at the cider bar”, but with the bar closed due to the current coronavirus restrictions, I’ll say “See you at the cider drive-thru!”.

Alex Culpin's signatureAlex Culpin,
Cider & Melody Maker
Ty Gwyn Cider Limited