It’s that time of year when the leaves on the trees turn the beautiful, heartwarming gold and bronze colours of the latest awards picked up by our ciders!

A first outing to the Great Taste Awards for our new Kingston Black Medium-Dry cider saw it skipping home clutching its first Gold Star award. Not bad for one of the new kids on the Ty Gwyn block!

Not to be outdone by it’s superb sibling, ‘Black and Browns’ artisan blackcurrant cider (the other relative newbie in our traditionally made family) was then bestowed with a Bronze at this year’s International Cider Challenge.

But you know how it is with some siblings… what one wants, the other has to have. So Kingston Black went and got itself a Bronze at the ICC as well!

The upshot is that both ciders came back glowing with pride and have given us an a-mazing start to the autumn!

See you at the cider bar

Alex Culpin's signatureAlex Culpin,
Cider & Melody Maker
Ty Gwyn Cider Limited